Balance 2019

Our Culinary Arts students are dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious dishes that are prepared from the freshest ingredients possible. These dishes provide an ideal balance of healthy fats, sodium content, carbohydrates and lean proteins in nutritionally appropriate portion sizes.

Sit back, relax and reward yourself with our Culinary Arts students take on healthy eating.

Dates: March 22, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29
Time: 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Corner Cafe
Room 133
Saskatoon Campus, Idylwyld Dr.


Call 306-659-4057 or email


V - Vegan, SF - Shellfish free, LC - Low carb, GF - Gluten free, LS - Low sodium, DF - Dairy free

For those who have food allergies or special dietary preferences, please inform your server before ordering.


Cioppino $8.50
(GF, LS, DF)

  • San Francisco seafood stew with cod, salmon and shrimp simmered in a spicy white wine tomato sea-food broth served with pan seared vegetables and pumpkin seed pesto.

Vegetable Vindaloo $8.50
(V, GF, SF, LS, LC, DF)

  • Tofu, cauliflower, peas, bell pep-pers, squash, carrots, chickpeas and lentils simmered in a vindaloo curry broth served with ancient grain brown rice pilaf, fresh cilant-ro and side of cucumber tomato salad.


Add grilled chicken to any salad for  $2.50

Caesar Salad $6
(V, GF, SF, LS, LC, DF)

  • Balance spring greens, toasted cornbread croutons, smoky coconut flakes and vegan parmesan cheese served with a creamy cashew roasted garlic dressing.

Asian Salad $6
(V, GF, SF, LS, LC, DF)

  • Balance spring greens, snow peas, red pepper, daikon, carrots, cucum-bers, pea shoots, edamame beans, soba noodles and tasted sesame seed served with a sweet chili vinaigrette.

Fresno Salad $6
(V, GF, SF, LS, LC, DF)

  • Balance spring greens, California citrus fruits, strawberries, poached pears, avocado, pickled red onions, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and crispy tortilla strips served with a pomegranate and chia seed dressing.


All sandwiches are accompanied by raw vegetables and roasted carrot and hummus dip or bowl of soup.

Mediterranean $8.50
(V, GF, SF, LS, DF )

  • Pan seared chickpea patty served with balance spring greens, marinated tomatoes, roasted peppers, cucumbers, coconut yogurt tzatziki sauce and lemon herb hummus served wrapped in a flatbread.

Thai Salmon Lettuce Wrap $8.50
(GF, LS, DF)

  • Pan seared salmon, spicy sweet cucumber relish, mango coconut slaw, carrot and cilantro wrapped in a lettuce leaf accompanied by a nuoc cham sauce for dipping.

Southwest Turkey $8.50
(GF, SF, LS, DF)

  • Pan seared turkey sausage, black bean salad, corn relish, lettuce, pico do gallo, cilantro-chipotle sauce served in corn tortillas.

Main Entrees

All entrees come with seasonal vegetables and ancient grain brown rice pilaf.

Spanish Pork $8.50
(GF, SF, LS, DF)

  • Pan grilled tenderloin accompanied by a yellow pepper puree and roasted pepper and olive salad.

Quinoa Crusted Salmon $8.50
(GF, LS, DF)

  • Salmon fillet topped with lemon herb quinoa baked and served with a roasted butternut squash puree and coconut yogurt dill sauce.

Lemon Basil Strawberry Chicken $8.50
(GF, SF, LS, DF)

  • Chicken breast marinated in lemon and basil pan grilled accompanied by a fresh strawberry salsa and balsamic reduction.

Poblano Rellenos $8.50
(V, GF, SF, LS, DF)

  • Roasted Poblano chile filled with grilled vegetables, quinoa, pinto and black beans accompanied by a smoky tomato sauce, salsa verde and cilantro lime sauce.

Soups and such

Bowl of soup $2

Raw vegetable and roasted carrot and hummus dip $3.25

Frozen soup (1L) $2.75


Brownie $3.75
(V, GF)

  • Chocolate brownie accompanied by chocolate ice cream, sour cherry compote, almond sauce, chocolate fudge sauce and meringue kisses.

Granita $3.75
(V, GF)

  • Medley of assorted fruit granite served with seasonal fresh fruit and chewy coconut macaroons.

Panna Cotta $3.75
(V, GF)

  • Coconut yogurt panna cotta served with chai spiced quinoa granola, mango and passion fruit coulis, seasonal fresh fruit and toasted coconut.

Thank you for supporting our Culinary Arts students as they learn in the classroom.

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